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Affitta l'appartamento ideale nel Residence per Studenti Chiaralba

appartamento per studenti a milano

Cercare una soluzione abitativa per studenti a Milano è davvero molto difficile ed il rischio di sbagliare è alto.
La nostre strutture sono nate per farti risparmiare tempo e puntare sui migliori appartamenti di Milano senza rischi.

Boutique Residence Milano

Flats for students in Milan: rental with formula Residence Chiaralba

Looking for student accommodation in Milan is very difficult and the risk of making a mistake is high.
Our facilities are designed to save you time and help you find the best flats in Milan.

Boutique Residence

Residenza Chiaralba has been recommended by universities as the best specialised residence for university students in Milan for + 20 years.

studios available for students:

Orsa Minore e Cassiopea

The studios at Residenza Chiaralba are spacious flats of at least 40 square metres, complete with kitchen and all the amenities you need to live independently. The residence’s studios are very comfortable: Orsa Minore and Cassiopea.

two-room apartments available for students:

Orsa Maggiore, Aldebaran, Andromeda, Lira

The one-bedroom flats range in size from 55 sqm to 65 sqm very comfortable. 

Superbly equipped, the one-bedroom flats are Aldebaran, Andromeda, Orsa Maggiore and Lira.

Three-rooms available for students:

Diadema ed Antares

The Chiaralba three-room flats are perfect for sharing a flat with a classmate, as they all have two bedrooms and two bathrooms. The three-room flats are Antares and Diadema. For 2 students.

available Loft for students:

Sole, Luna, Aquarius, Sirio ed Orione

The lofts are selected by the most demanding students who enjoy the total privacy and comfort of a two-storey flat. The lofts at Residenza Chiaralba are: Aquarius, Sirius, Orion, Sole and Luna.

Chiaralba Residence: Experienced in Student Hospitality for over 20 years

The residence founded by parents for out-of-town students in Milan.

Residenza Chiaralba is the brand specialized in high standard accommodation for university students in Milan, founded by some parents looking for the ideal accommodation for their children to study in Milan.

It rents flats for students in Milan with the best quality/price ratio.

Relying on a specialized company with university references allows you to avoid scams and to choose well.

The neighbourhood: where the Chiaralba Residence is located

One of the great advantages of living in our student residence is that our facilities are located in Milan’s most famous university district.

Zone 5 in the Navigli and Bocconi districts is very well connected and close to the centre.

Residenza Chiaralba is located with the main building in Via Pietro Pomponazzi 3 and with the annexe 100 metres away, in Viale Brioschi 53.

In fact around us we have less than 3km, important universities such as:

sede centrale residenza chiaralba

Need to find out the distance to your university?
Use the Google map below.

Take a virtual tour of some of our flats with our videos.

The best Discover student flats Milan.

Flat Andromeda – a classic one-bedroom flat measuring 60 square metres, furnished with a ‘Harley Davidson’ theme, with a bedroom with en suite bathroom and fully equipped kitchen.

Flat Luna – Loft of approx. 80 sqm, with 2 bedrooms and two bathrooms. This flat consists of two floors and a magnificent living room with a fully equipped open kitchen.

Flat Aquarius – is a 80 sqm loft with 2 beds and a bathroom with industrial-style open iron beams and a separate fitted kitchen and walk-in wardrobe.

Orione flat – very bright 45 sqm loft flat with 6 metre high ceilings with 1 bathroom, fully equipped open kitchen and private balcony with table.

Flat Aldebaran – A two-room apartment measuring approximately 70 square metres with one bedroom and a bathroom with shower cubicle. Furnished in the American Graffiti theme, it features a balcony and a special living room with kitchen and study area.

Flat Diadema – is a delightful 80 sqm flat on the 1st floor with 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a living room with a fully equipped kitchen, open wooden beams and a private terrace.

Prices: the best value for money

Our residence formula meets the needs of students and parents in Milan.


wants to find the most beautiful, comfortable and functional flat at the university.


wants the student to live a safe, peaceful and as simplified life as possible.

How the Residence Chiaralba formula works

The residence formula includes all the services and conveniences needed to enjoy your stay in Milan during the academic year.

The various amenities include:

Extra services available:

Contacts: how to contact the Residence Chiaralba

Contact details of the administration for information.

To visit the flats it is necessary to make a written request via the contact form.

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Success stories and reviews

Below are 5 success stories of brilliant students from all over the world who have lived at the Chiaralba Residence and achieved their educational and professional goals and dreams.

The approach is familiar and knows how to give you the right tips to live well in Milan, especially if you are a new student in a big city like Milan.

Gli Appartamentistudentessa università IULM
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Gli appartamenti sono comodi e spaziosi, di gran gusto e l’arredamento è di qualità e personalizzato.
Il Quartierestudentessa università IULM
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La sera tardi quando ritornavo da sola mi sono sempre sentita sicura grazie alla zona che è tranquilla, la videosorveglianza e varie misure di sicurezza adottate quotidianamente nella Residenza.
A chi è consigliatostudentessa università IULM
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Adatto ad un giovane studente non solo per la comodità delle strutture ma anche per la posizione nella città del Residence.
I mezzi pubblicistudentessa università IULM
Read More
Grazie alla vicinanza dei mezzi pubblici si è in Piazza del Duomo pochi minuti.
Il Collegamento con il Centrostudentessa università IULM
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Il tram n.3, adiecente al residence, percorre le vie principali più movimentate di Milano come Colonne di San Lorenzo, e Navigli.
Come raggiungere le Universitàstudentessa università IULM
Read More
Il tram n.15 a 5 min a piedi dal Residence Chiaralba Milano è comodo per raggiungere in pochissimi minuti l’università Bocconi e in 10 minuti per arrivare alle sedi dell’università Statale e metro Missori.
Lo staff della Resideza Chiaralbastudentessa università IULM
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Lo staff è amichevole, attento alle esigenze e sempre disponibile per ogni evenienza casalinga ( si rompe la lavatrice ecc.)”

The team is very efficient and solves problems very quickly. I would gladly go back!

How to reach Bocconi UniversityBocconi University student
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I stayed here all 3 years of my triennial and I can definitely say that the location is great, only 10-15 minutes from Bocconi University.
Team Chiaralba's assistanceBocconi University student
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The team is very efficient and solves problems very quickly. I would gladly go back!

Roberta from Sicily, student at Bocconi University - Diadema Three-room flat

The comfort of the neighbourhoodBocconi University student
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Like being at home! The property is in a good location even if it is not in a central area: we have two supermarkets nearby, several restaurants and a tram stop from which you can also go to the Duomo or Navigli.
How to get to Bocconi UniversityBocconi University student
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Bocconi is a twenty-minute walk away and you can also get there by tram in less time.
How the Apartment is DeliveredBocconi University student
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I stay in the Diadema flat, which we found clean, new (my lamp still had the label on it!) and really very cosy.
What was inside the flatBocconi University student
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The bathrooms were immaculate at the time of delivery and we were provided with some appliances and small pieces of furniture on request.
The availability of Chiaralba staffBocconi University student
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All staff are available for any request or support.

Best experience ever. I felt at home!

Assessment of the experienceBocconi University student
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I lived in one of the flats at Residenza Chiaralba (I remember "Chiaralba 6") for a year and a half with a dear friend of mine from Bocconi.
Palace descriptionBocconi University student
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I lived in one of the flats at Residenza Chiaralba (I remember "Chiaralba 6") for a year and a half with a dear friend of mine from Bocconi.
How to reach IULM and SPDBocconi University student
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As a student at Scuola Politecnica di Design, the location was perfect because it was 3 bus stops from IULM and S.P.D. and the green line Romolo or 5 minutes by bike.
How to get to the DuomoBocconi University student
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We had 2 trams within walking distance of our house that went straight to the Duomo, passing through the main interesting parts of the city.
What to do in the QuarterBocconi University student
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The flats are also within walking distance of a supermarket, a large gym that usually has offers for students (GetFit gym), several important banks such as Intesa San Paolo, Barclays, a large restaurant/bar Carlo and Camilla.
Assessment of the neighbourhoodBocconi University student
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In fact, this district is becoming more lively by the day, new places are springing up.
Opinion of the staff ChiaralbaBocconi University student
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The service was impeccable and the staff very friendly and helpful. In fact, Cecilia, a woman who took care of all the residents, was a phone call away for whatever was needed (random questions about how to do things, electricity, water, plumbers, etc. literally everything).
The figure of the Chiaralba GovernessBocconi University student
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She is a multitasker and will be at your service with a lot of understanding because you are a foreigner in this country.
Guest rating Chiaralbastudentessa Università Bocconi
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She really made us feel at home and made us feel like we had a second mother or sister to help us whenever we needed it.
What are the Chiaralba Apartments likeBocconi University student
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The flats are very well equipped, new, clean, spacious.
To whom do you recommend Residenza ChiaralbaBocconi University student
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I highly recommend Residenza Chiaralba for students. It was a wonderful experience.

My flat (Diadema) was very convenient and comfortable.

Opinion of the Residence ChiaralbaBocconi University student
Read More
Very friendly, great location of the flats and my flat (Diadema) was very convenient and comfortable.

You are a university student

than looking for the ideal flat to live your off-site experience in Milan. Would you like the flat most envied by your friends?

You are a parent looking for

comfortable and safe accommodation that will allow your child to study serenely effectively without wasting time.

Residenza Chiaralba is the best organisation specialising in Student Hospitality in Milan.

Why choose us?

we are most recommended

successfully housed students

Where are we?

Close to Universities

within 3 km

What do we rent?

Apartments for students

Monolocali, bilocali, trilocali e loft

How to book?

Join the waiting list

months to sell out before September

What the Residence Chiaralba brand offers the student and the parent

Specialised experience in student hospitality

We have specialised in Student Accommodation for more than 14 years. 

Our founders and staff are made up of former students from Milan and parents who have had their children study away from home in Milan, so we know the specific needs they have and how to meet them.

residence per studenti a milano
palazzo centrale residence chiaralba

Comfort, safety and peace of mind

Our facilities are designed to be a safe and serene place for the student who is pursuing the challenging university route.  

This is why our building is equipped with gates, personalised access keypads, video surveillance and our offices and team are available to answer any questions you may have.

Furthermore, by choosing Chiaralba you will have the ‘0 real estate scams guarantee’.

Themed flats

Thematically furnished flats for rent in Milan tailored to the needs of the out-of-town university student from all over Italy and the world.

The flats are complete with all the ideal services and amenities.

appartamenti per studenti milano

Beauty, taste and modernity

It is not easy to find a place that is comfortable and at the same time beautiful, modern and welcoming. 

The architects of Residenza Chiaralba have always aimed to create an exclusive, special and tailor-made accommodation for the student who wants to live in the best flat in Milan during his university years.

Analysis of housing solutions for students in Milan and which to choose

Room for rent in private houses


  • requires a budget of 300 to 600 euros
  • there are portals that help you look for rooms to rent
  • you share the costs of running the house


  • finding a room near the university in good conditions is very difficult because the market is saturated and of low quality
    you are forced to share a house with at least 3-5 other people with few bathrooms
  • decent rooms in the right area can cost from 600 euros upwards
  • there are no services to help students concentrate on their university career and watch out for scams!

University Colleges


  • you get state aid to be supported in the transition between secondary school and university.


  • there are specific entry requirements
  • they are not always present near the universities or area of interest
  • there are strict rules that allow little autonomy

Students or university residences


  • they have facilities close to the universities
  • there are services and common spaces for students


  • they are not accessible to everyone but there are rankings and requirements
  • the quality-price ratio is not the best on the market

Student Residence in Milan


  • they are specialised facilities for the needs of students
  • they rent flats with the comforts of a residence hall
  • there is more autonomy in managing student life
  • there are residence services to facilitate student life
  • you can decide to live alone or share a comfortable house.


  • you need to commit to contracts of at least 12 months
  • You need to have a budget that is very different from that of a room.

So which housing solution should you choose if you are planning to come and study in Milan?

It depends on the following factors:

The Budget

If you have a very tight budget you will need to start thinking about sharing a flat or a double room.

Generally if your budget is low you can try to ask your university in Milan if they have availability in their student residences in order to try to get in the ranking and apply, matching their requirements; or you can try to use websites of portals that recommend rooms within your budget range.

If, on the other hand, you have a more flexible budget and, above all, you have more comfortable and demanding expectations and habits, then the best solution is undoubtedly the student residence typology, because in that case you turn to specialised structures with high quality comforts, services and facilities.

Student residences offer the option of renting a flat on your own for comfort and privacy, or arranging with a friend or university friend to rent it together and share the costs.

Habit and comfort

When choosing where you want to live in Milan it is natural that you should consider what your normal habits are.

If living in a small room, far from the university, shared with a stranger or with 4 flatmates and only one bathroom can be a struggle for you, then you should turn to the student residence market.

You should know that having an en-suite bathroom for every student is a luxury in Milan so if you come across this type of house, stick to it.

Also consider that studying, preparing for exams is demanding and if you don’t intend to clean your house or throw the rubbish every day, then you should opt for the rent of a flat with the residence formula service that allows you to enjoy comforts such as cleaning service and change of linen and everything else that could make you lose time and energy.

The running costs of an apartment

When you are looking for a house and are presented with the price, you should always be careful to assess the cost (usually extra if you are looking for a private homeowner) that will affect your monthly expenditure.

The running costs of a flat.

What are these costs?

Of course nowadays it has become essential to have a very good internet connection to do distance learning and to prepare for exams, that’s why the web connection is the most important item in your case.

Then you have to consider the electricity and gas bills for heating your house in winter and air conditioning in summer. Imagine having to study a difficult exam in 40 degrees Celsius, it’s not the best.

Finally, you have to pay for your building and waste disposal tax.

When you are presented with a price, always try to understand whether it is the price of everything or whether you will end up with figures that you would not have imagined, with all the inconveniences of the case, such as having to sign contracts with the various energy suppliers, taking everything into your name.

If all these procedures frighten you then you must turn to the student residence because the Chiaralba residence formula solves all this by including everything in the rent, offering you a really easy and comfortable life but above all with the best value for money.


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