Chiaralba Research and Development on Student Hospitality in Milan

‘Take art and put it aside’

We work to improve every day and therefore use multidisciplinary expertise to be the best in the market.

Our vision embraces comfort and innovation, aiming for a bright future.

That is why we have established the Chiaralba Research and Development Observatory to improve our student hospitality offering.


We believe in the pursuit of comfort, taste and the present but also in the importance of preparing for the future, which is why we have set up an observatory to research and develop the experience of students and parents at our facilities.

Dedicated team

The observatory is composed of specialists in the hotel industry and new technologies (Harvard Univesity, University Central Florida), alumni of the universities of Milan (Bocconi and IULM) for understanding the needs of the student target group, academics (University Roma Tre) and other professionals.

This team analyses customer feedback and intercepts trends around the world to develop new dedicated and specific solutions for our community.