• Family-like and multipurpose support to make student's lives easier
  • Located in between the most important universities
  • Our themed flats are unique in quality and style
  • Safe and well linked with public transport area

How did the Residence begin?

The Residence Chiaralba is the result of a personal experience lived by a group of parents, who arrived in Milan  wondering how to find a good fit for their children studying in far away from their hometown.

Confronted with the market supply and clashing over the years, with negative experiences, they gave life to an idea, which spells out all the desires and expectations that they would like to meet for their children, creating and entering for the first time in the landscape of  Milan an hybrid formula of housing for the students and the hospitality of a luxury residence.

Ready to be lived now, the Chiaralba Residence offers comfortable accommodations, secure, and peaceful to live an reassuring environment to study.
For this reason it is important for the Residence Chiaralba mission to respond, prevent and improve all needs  and concerns of parents and students, providing a simple, safe, welcoming and reassuring staying.

The Palace


The Residence Chiaralba develops within an elegant building in 1920, once the site of the famous " Coffee Hardy ", which maintains the taste and style.

The original walls, the style of post-industrial and countless comfort characterize the home of elegance and utility creating unique, thanks to a clever use design and a perfect association between past and future.

The building was completely renovated in 2007 in order to make it as comfortable as possible.

In addition, the residence Chiaralba has some units in its dependence in via Francesco Brioschi 53 in a building of 2004, in modern and comfortable apartments.

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